Does this dog not chew on something? Anything?

11 Aug

She chewed on the rugs, she pulled up the carpet, she chewed the furniture, the sofa chair, all my sons toys, she destroyed the tether ball, basket ball, my self, my husband, my child and the list goes on… May I say this was all in one day!

Yep, I’m in trouble. My son cant leave his room, she thinks he is a toy!

OMG shes 10 weeks old….I’m going nuts.


The bitter cherry spray from wal-mart was so worth it.Image




What did I get myself into???

10 Aug
Crazy pants Belgian Malinois

Pretty Lady

Well I can say that all the warnings that say “dont get this for your first dog” “must have a job” “crazy wild” are very true!! I swear somebody gave me a dog on drugs!! lol She was so wild when she came home. She ate everything, jumped on everything, was a wild, wild, wild, OMG wild child. I can even remember thinking “should we give her back?”